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Have your personal online trainer right at your hands, available day and night with all the information you need to improve your windsurfing skills.

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Tricktionary Online Coaching provides the professional support to enhance your windsurfing skills and your joy on the water.

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As in all Tricktionary products, Tricktionary Online coaching Offers instructional content for every level and every type of rider.

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With static images and text, as well as video together with audio, Tricktionary Online covers some very important main learning types out of the box.

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Find out what’s the closest next move and optimize your learning process.

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Log your training sessions and keep track of your progress over time.

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Log your training sessions and keep track of your progress over time. Line3

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Learning and doing new manoeuvres is a great feeling, it will push your motivation to another level each time you

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I am working on this website idea for years now, finally its here and extends the Tricktionary arsenal of learning tools with another feature. Use every available way to your goal and most importantly have fun on the water!

Michael Rossmeier
Tricktionary Author

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Double air burner yentel
Video img color
Double Air Burner
Awesome Yentel Caers with a Double Air Burner!!
29 May
Nohanded burner
Video img color
No-handed Burner
New move Super Slowmo - last advanced trick then again back to basics, light wind and non jumping ;)
27 Jul
Onehanded onefooted backloop
Video img color
Onefooted Onehanded Back Loop
New Super Slowmo to dream of up!
21 Jul
Backside aerial
Video img color
Backside Aerials
New Super Slowmo up!
11 Jul
Shove it spock
Video img color
Shove it into Spock
Back to some radical freestyle!
6 Jun
Front upwind ankle biter
Video img color
Front Upwind Ankle Biter
New clip and new Flowstyle move!
30 May
Backwinded to backwinded ankle biter
Video img color
Backwinded to Backwinded Ankle Biter
new move, new clip in flowstyle chapter!
25 May
Chachoo throw
Video img color
Chachoo Throw
Flowstyle chapter +1 move +1 clip!
21 May
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